Reading Blog 1 – September 9, 2015

For today’s reading assignment, we had to read The Significance of Electronic Media which is the first chapter (pg. 2-24) of Electronic Media: An Introduction, written by Lynne Schafer Gross.

This article talks about the advancements made in electronic media over the past 50 years. According to the article, the growth of electronic media started in the 1960s, when film, television, and radio were emerging. Over the years, film and broadcasting continued to advance, to the point where almost every home had a television and radio. Electronic media was becoming such a huge part of people’s daily lives. In addition to the advancement of these new technologies, the internet started having a huge impact on the lives of the public around 1990. Suddenly, all new forms of technology and communication were arising. For example, text messaging, social networking, and video gaming and streaming started such  pivotal part of people’s daily lives, to the point where “only 6 percent of people would even consider giving up television or the internet” (Gross 10).

The article also talks about the different uses of electronic media. The number one use for electronic media in this day and age is for entertainment. Most of the time, people use the internet or watch television with the sole purpose of being entertained. With a variety of content online and on TV, there’s a form of entertainment that fulfills every person’s needs. However, electronic media has so much more functions that just entertainment. For example, electronic media is a great way for people to learn about and share news and information. At the same time, electronic media helps advertise products to people, determine a country’s culture, report suspicious activity, and allow people connect to each other.

Overall, electronic media has evolved greatly over the past few years. Nowadays, there are so many different forms of electronic media to fit the needs of various people. It has become such an important part of people’s daily lives, and it is only going to continue to grow.


  1. Technology Over Time: – This link is an interactive program made by PBS which helps people visualize the evolution of technology over time. You can jump from decade to decade, and see how technology has advanced and changed over the years. This interactive program depicts almost all of the technology that the chapter described.
  2. What can social media be used for? : – This link shows how social/electronic media can be used for more than just entertainment or news. It’s frequently used for the advancement of various businesses. The uses for social/electronic media are continually growing every day.
  3. This image shows the evolution of cable throughout the years. Cable television was one of the primary examples in the chapter, and this timeline shows how television changed from cable to a cable phone service. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some of the repercussions of people controlling their own use of media? The chapter views this as a very positive thing, but aren’t there some negative aspects as well?
  2. How has electronic media been beneficial in other environments such as education or businesses?

Janelle Conti

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